About Bisconni

For more than 15 years, we’ve worked passionately to help people be their best. And it all starts with being your perfect snack choice, being it starting your day, mid-day or evening snack, be it sweet or savory, for young and old. We are always looking to innovate, and bring the very best product available to you and make a positive impact on lives that we touch. We have made it a tradition to deliver both health and taste, with a value-for-money positioning that allows people from all classes and age groups to enjoy Bisconni products to the fullest. Following our vision, we strive to be the most recognized and loved confectionery company through our brands innovation.

We are sole distributors of Bisconni products for Malaysia.


Cocomo From Bisconni is a unique Center Filled Printed Biscuits. It has an amazing crispy yet soft biscuit shell filled with chocolate. Cocomo is among the star brands of Bisconni. With a burst of Chocolate in its unique biscuit shell, Cocomo is way ahead in the race of the filled segment, leaving you asking for more!!