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Under this scenario, governments would be allowed to assume that compounded investment returns can help cover the rising cost of future benefits.

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And rather than stick with nearly 3,000 company-wide layoffs, Amgen later bumped the total to 4,000

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The double feeding troughs also help reduce the danger that seed husks could clog up the hopper, giving the impression the hopper was still full but the seeds are unable to flow naturally

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Inotai, Csanadi M, Hanko B, Kalo Z.Principles Of Policy Framework In The Pharmaceutical Wholesale And Retail System In Lower Income European Countries.IX

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The peace agreement favored the militarily stronger U.S., which gained control of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Manila in the Philippines from Spain.

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Gov spending does not create wealth, the US’s SSI program from the beginning was a way to take money out of the economy and invest in US gov debt, this allowed FDR to inflate the money supply

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