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Insight into these patterns provides clients with luminance of accomplish possibilities, which so opens the pick for translation (Newman, 1990a)

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The images sent back from the border area are monitored in operations rooms in Jordan, including at the Border Guard headquarters on the outskirts of the northern town of Zarqa.

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Thus, even brief adverse exposure at these vulnerable stages can have lasting effects on brain function throughout life.

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Another modern variation is a submerged floating tunnel, while ideas for rocket, jet, scramjet and air-pressurized tunnels have also been put forward.

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"One in four married women in Kenya has an unmet need for family planning, a figure that has not reduced in more than a decade," the minister says

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Pero, Por qué solamente un reducido porcentaje de jvenes desarrolla una anorexia nerviosa, mientras todos los dems permanecen sanos?

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